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Leningradsky Prospekt, or Leningrad Avenue, is known for its stalinist architecture. It is a major radial avenue in Moscow. It continues the path of Tverskaya Street and 1st Tverskaya-Yamskaya Street north-west from Belorussky Rail Terminal, and changes the name once again to Leningrad Highway past the Sokol metro station. The Highway continues its way to Saint Petersburg via Tver.

Triumph-Palace is the name of an apartment building in Moscow. It is sometimes called the Eighth Tower because it is similar in appearance to the Seven skyscrapers built in Moscow by Stalin through the 1950s.
Construction began in 2001. The 57-story building, containing about 1,000 luxury apartments, was topped out on December 20, making it Europe's tallest building at 264.1 metres (866 ft) until the inauguration in 2007 of Moscow's 268 metre Naberezhnaya Tower block C.